Week 3.  We were sent the fore deck, and some card bulkheads.

The bits we received

The material of the fore deck deserves a mention.  It is made up of a lot of thin strips of wood sandwiched together to simulate planking.  The strips are about 0.5 mm wide which scales up to give planks of about 6 inches wide.  This should look very realistic when it's sanded and varnished.
There is another discrepancy between the magazine and the parts.  Item 16 is shown as a triangle in the mag, but is sort of ice cream cone shaped in reality.  I spoke to Hachette and they confirmed that the part is correct.  It glues into the bottom of part 12 and is supposed to leave a small hole at the front for future use.  The lady I spoke to wasn't sure what the hole is for, but I guess it's for the anchor chain. 

And what we did with them

After looking at the part 16, phoning Hachette, and trying the part in the bottom of part 12, I seeing that it was a bit undersized, I decided not to use it.  There is plenty of spare deck material so using part 12 as a template, I cut out a triangle to fit on the bottom of part 12 as per the magazine drawings.  I trimmed the tip off the triangle to give me the hole.  I reckon that the piece should be about 21.5 mm from the back to the front.  If you decide to do this you will also need to trim the top of the keel at the front, and the top of frame 1 as they are a little high and don't have enough clearance to allow for the extra thickness of wood on the bottom of part 12.

This photo shows the original part 16 on the right, my replacement on the left and part 12 in the middle.
The chip on my part isn't important as it won't been seen.

Finally I glued the three parts together.  In the photo you can see the hole for the anchor chain (?).  I'm going to give the bulkheads of the lowered deck a coat of black paint to finish them off and the lowered deck will get a coat of varnish.  Note - Black is not correct - this recess is for a spare anchor, and should be painted white.  Thanks to Jeremy for spotting the error.

The card bits.  These are the cabins in the foredeck.  I'm not sure exactly where these go, but you can get a good idea is you look at Fred's model (click here).  I'm just putting them aside until I know what to do with them.  I don't like having small bits of card floating about waiting to get lost or damaged.

Hot tip of the week

The deck material is very fragile.  You'll see the chipped corner on the new part I made to replace part 16.  If you want to avoid these chips then stick some tape over it before you cut it.  This will help stop it breaking, and hold it together if it does break, making it easier to glue back together.

What we've been promised next week.

We will get another three frames plus a few small bits.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

 45 mins

Running total :

 1 h 30 mins

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