Week 4 A few more frames to add to the collection

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Since I'm not putting any of the frames on the keel until the keel is complete, all I did this week was to prepare frame 8.  Extend the line up so you know where the keel will be, then glue the deck support pieces 30 & 31 in place accordingly.  I left a small gap between the keel lines and the deck supports since there is no reason for these to be tight against the keel, and I didn't want the frame to be too tight to slide into the keel.  They are lined up perfectly with the line marked on the frame.

Hot tip of the week

Clothes pegs make ideal clamps for these sort of pieces.

What we've been promised next week.

Next week we get another frame and another keel section

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

 20 mins

Running total :

 1 h 50 mins

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