Week 5 Another keel section and another frame.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Section C was glued to the keel.  The fit between sections B & C wasn't brilliant, but a few minutes work with some sandpaper improved matters.  You may be able to see from the photo that B & C don't meet correctly at the top.  The mismatch could have been top or bottom - I can't tell for sure, but I decided to line up the bottom.  It will be fairly easy to see where the error is in the deck line and adjust the once the frames are in place.  This will either mean trimming the top of the keel, or adding a small fillet.  It would be much harder to make an adjustment to the keel bottom since this needs to be straight in order to make the hull planking easier.

The frame was prepared simply by gluing it together.  In the photo you can see where I used on of the strengthening pieces to check the alignment of the 2 parts.  Again. you'll see that I'm placing more emphasis on the hull than I am the deck.

Hot tip of the week

Planking hulls can be a difficult job, so get your frame as accurate as possible.  Decks are fairly easy to fit and it's not too difficult to adjust a frame top to get a good fit with the deck.

What we've been promised next week.

Next week we should get two sections of deck

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

 45 mins

Running total :

 2h 35 mins

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