Week 13 The last few frames, the rudder, and some wood to shape the stern

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The final three frames are glued in place.  Again fairly straight forward, but make sure that they stay upright.  As they are quite short, it is easy for them to droop to port or starboard a little which would twist the poop deck (the rear most deck).  You can check this by eye.  The 6 remaining curved pieces are sandwiched together to make blocks which contour the stern.  Again, easy to do, but use a thin even smear of glue and clamp them while drying.  Glue 2 bits together, let them dry, then add the third.  That way it's easy to get the things square.  Also be careful and make sure you make a left hand and right hand side.  The keel assembly is complete now - the first milestone, so congratulate yourself.  Save the next 'pat on the back' for when the decking is complete.

The next job will be to shape the stern block, and also shape the edges of the frames so that the planks will sit nice and evenly.  Let the glue dry over night before doing this as it can be quite rough on the model.  You'll have to be very careful if you've glued any decks in place.  I'll cover this in next weeks hot tip as it hasn't been mentioned in the instructions yet.

Hot tip of the week
This weeks tip comes from Duane Ellis.  Use cheap children's paint
brushes to apply wood glue, it makes gluing much less messy, and it's easier 
to apply to hard to reach parts.  -  Thanks Duane.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

40 mins

Running total :

10 hrs 40 mins

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