Week 23  This week we get more planks

The bits we received

No prizes for spotting that I'm using the same photo of the planks each week.

And what we did with them

Again, I basically followed the instructions.  A few gaps appeared which I filled in with thin triangles of wood, and some of the planks needed to be a little narrower in the middle.  These were ones where you change from the vertical part of the keel to the flat bottom.  This part looks difficult, but actually isn't too difficult.  Just take it one plank at a time.  There is a little bit of filler on the hull.  Again, it was a bit I had left over from another job.  I am using car filler which is nice and easy to apply and sand, but if you do use it, then you will not be able to use white glue (PVA) to fix the second planking as it will not take to the filler properly.  Super glue should be OK. 

This shows the taffrail.   If you look through the accompanying magazine, you will find a picture of the stern, so you can see what the goal is.  The taffrail is actually flat in the direction of the short planks, so bear this in mind when you sand it down.  It's easy to sand flat before you start planking - and very difficult afterwards.  I Know !!!!!

Here's the stern filled and rubbed down.  I have kept with the car body filler as I have found that it is easy to use and gives a good finish.  David's P38 is the one I use.  You can get it in Halfords and numerous other places.  Some people have said that they don't like it and prefer wood filler.  I'll agree to differ on the subject.  If you are not sure which to use, try one on a small setion.  If you don't like it - try something different.  If anybody has any questions about the pros and cons of any particular filler, drop me an Email and I'll answer the best I can.  One word of caution.  You need to make sure any glue you use on top of the filler is compatible with the it.  E.g.  Wood glue will not glue parts to car body filler.  Super Glue will.  Again, any questions, and I'll answer as best I can.

Hot tip of the week

The planking is a bit daunting, but not that difficult.  Take it one plank at a time, and try to get them as even as possible.  However, don't worry if they are not perfectly even.  The only people who can plank a model perfectly are making models for exhibitions.  This hull will be painted, so don't worry about using filler.  You will need to fill the nail holes anyway.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

 8 hrs

Running total :

32 hrs 20 mins

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