Week 32  This week we start the C deck cabin windows

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Here you can see the parts being assembled on a board.  The grease proof paper (just raid the kitchen while your wife/mum isn't looking) will peel off the wood quite easily.  There will be a few bits of paper left stuck to the wood.  Just sand then off with fine sandpaper.  I used weights to hold the parts flat as they wanted to curl up.  Baked bean tins make ideal weights.

Here you can see the assembly glued to the model.  I used superglue which worked well.  It will be necessary to fill the odd small gap with filler, but this can wait for the moment.  What you can't see is that I've painted the inside of the bulkhead white.  I just did the ends where they show above the deck as it will be much easier to paint these areas before the bulkhead is fitted.  You can also see the first of Fred's etchings fitted.  All the card parts will be replaced with the etched parts in due course.  Have a look in the Detail Page. 

I have also fitted parts L1 & M1.  These butt up against the second layer planking at the bow and stern, and leave them sticking above the decks slightly, and also forward of the bow.  When the glue has dried they can be sanded down flush with the decks and bow.

The remaining work for this week is to drill the portholes and shape the curves on parts L1 & M1.  I'll cover this next week.

Hot tip of the week

Use a corner of a plywood offcut as a makeshift square to get the frames or cabin bulkheads square.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs + 3 for the etched parts

Running total :

87 h 20 mins

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