Week 34  This week we get the first batch of eyelets for the portholes.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Er - nothing at all.  I think these eyelets look awful.  If you look through your magazines you will see that the portholes were flush with the hull, or possibly recessed slightly.  They certainly aren't proud.  I have just sanded the drilled holes to give a clean finish.  The only time I would recommend using these is if your holes are ragged round the edges and need finishing.  However, as you were supplied with new drill bits your holes should be nice and clean.  Anyway, it's your choice to fit them or not.  If you do fit them, use a tiny drop of Superglue applied with a pin - not the end of the bottle, or you will make a horrible mess.

What I did do this week was to drill the holes in the bow, stern and C deck bulkheads.  No photo at the moment, but I'll put one up soon.

I also sanded the curves the the bow and stern bulkheads, parts L1/2 & M1/2.  Again, photos coming soon.

Hot tip of the week

To sand the curves on the bow and stern bulkheads, find a pencil of the right diameter and wrap sandpaper round it.  Any round object will do - an offcut of thin dowel, paintbrush handle, etc.  This will make it easy to get a smooth curve.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

40 mins

Running total :

90 hrs

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