Week 41  This week we get the decking for most of the boat deck and some more card parts.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first step was to complete the decorative bulkheads for A deck.  Nothing really difficult here.  After the bulkheads were completed I gave the deck 3 coats of gloss varnish.  Having tried both satin and gloss varnish I've decided I prefer the look of the gloss varnish.  You will notice that all my window frames are brass coloured.  I don't think that this is strictly correct, but I like it. 

Next the decks were glued in place.  The fore and aft pieces are quite straight forward.  Just make sure you get them square and central.

The centre piece needs a little more thought.  I actually did this in conjunction with the deck section from issue 42.  It needs cutting to the correct width, which is the width of the aft end of the forward part of the deck.  Cut both sections to the correct width first.  Next place the decks on the model and make sure they run straight down the length of the model.  The decks should overlap perfectly in the middle.  If they don't, sand the far end until they do.  It's best to mark the decks now so you can be sure of getting them the same way round later.

When you're happy that the decks are square, running straight and the joins forward and aft are good, cut one of the decks to length so it rests on half of the bulkhead.  Next, remove that piece, place the uncut deck in place and put the cut deck in place on top of it.  Hold the two pieces firmly in position (a helper is useful here) and run a sharp knife along the end of the deck, marking the deck underneath.  This is the line you should cut.  If you've done everything correctly your decks will all join up perfectly.  Now glue them in place using pegs to hold the edges of the decks together and use small weights to hold the decks down.  See the photo below.  Don't use anything too heavy or it will bend the edges of the decks down.  I used slow setting Araldite as I wanted plenty of time to move the decks about to get them in exactly the right position.

When the glue was completely dry (24 hours) I sanded the deck smooth.

 Hot tip of the week

This weeks tip comes from Gary Dutton

When using the the printed cards (cabin detail etc). I have used matches glued to the outline cards placed on the deck, this gives the detailing something to adhere to. 

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :

138 hrs

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