Week 45 This week more bulkheads and more card parts

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first job was to tape the card template in place and construct the next cabin.  All straight forward, but check the length of the bulkheads against the size of the etchings or card decorations.  I had to shorten bulkheads 122 & 123 slightly.

As the etchings for this cabin cover the edge of the deckhead (roof in plain English), I decided to fit the deckhead  from issue 46 first.  This proved to be a little short, but this isn't a problem as I will explain later.

Next came the etchings.  Both the ones from this week and last week.  The thin ones for the top of the first class lounge proved to be very fiddly.  I used a Superglue gel to fill the gaps at then bends.  I though that this would be easier than solder as they are very small and difficult to handle.  Having finished the job, I'm not convinced that this is any easier.  The only advantage with the Superglue gel is that it is easier to remove than solder, and doesn't flow into the adjacent windows like solder does.  It's no where near as strong and is harder to apply.  I think I'll go back to solder for the next batch.

This photo shows the etched parts fitted to the deckhouse and the last three bulkheads in place.  Again, check these parts against the card decorations/etchings for the sides and skylight if you have them.  All the parts were a bit too long on my model.

The dotted red line shows where the gap is caused by the deckhead being too small.  Luckily this deckhead needs to be painted light grey, so I can fill the gap and then paint over it.

You will also notice the obvious join between the etchings at the corner of the deckhouse.  I will touch this in with some white paint and it will all but disappear.

Hot tip of the week

Need to find the centre of the deck, but lost your rule ?  Take a strip of paper just longer than the deck is wide, and carefully mark both edges of the deck on it.  Cut it to the exact width of the deck, the fold it in half and crease the centre.  Flatten it out and put it back on the deck.  The crease will mark the exact centre if you've done everything accurately.  This method is probably more accurate than using a rule.

How many hours does it take to build the model ?? (147)

This week :

7 hrs mins

Running total :

154 hrs

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