Week 48  This week parts to make some ventilators

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The ventilators have been glued together and painted white.  I've still got to paint the etched grills white, mark one face of the ventilator black (for contrast) and then glue the grills in place.  I found that some of the ventilators were too narrow, so I made them a bit wider using a thin strip of scrap wood. 

This is the deckhouse assembly at the stern.  As you can see, it is only put in place at the moment.  I've still got to finish painting the etchings and glue it all together.  The bits of brass have been glued to air vents before painting.

NOTE :  The deck house above is on backwards.  The vents should face aft !!

Here is the aft deckhouse on the right way round.  The bulkheads are fitted but the roof and little house on the top is still not painted or fixed.

This is the big skylight side pieces.  Again, only put in place, waiting until the deck piece is glue on when I fit the ventilators.  The cutout for the ventilator is too deep, so I packed it up with a piece of scrap decking which you can see in the photo.

Here you can see where I've removed the paint before gluing the part on top.  You can also see me improvised scriber in the photo.  This is just a needle held in a knife handle.  It's very useful for marking round parts so you know where to scrape and/or apply glue etc.

Here's the aft deckhouse completed.

Hot tip of the week

The ventilators are very tricky to paint as they are small.  It is easier to hold them if you drill a small hole in the bottom of each ventilator and put a very small screw in to make a handle.  Don't drill very deep, and only put the screw in by hand.  You don't want to risk drilling right through the part or splitting it.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

167 hrs

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