Week 49  This week grills for the skylights and some hatches

The bits we received


And what we did with them

The ventilators have been completed by painting them, painting the grills and gluing them together.  The etchings for the grills were a little too long for a couple of the vents and needed trimming with a file.  Gluing them onto the model was quite straight forward.

The deckhead just aft of the big skylight is glued in place now.  There was a bit of a gap between the deckhead and the ventilator which I have filled with my favorite filler.  All it needs is a gentle sand and touching up with a bit of paint.  This actually went a lot easier than I expected.

Here you can see the hatch cover resting in place, waiting to be painted.  You can also see the smaller skylight and grill glued in place.  The grill is an etched part included with Fred's etchings which saved a lot of fiddly work and looks better.  Apologies to anybody who was hoping to see how I made the grills, but I didn't need to.  They look fiddly, but straight forward.  I would check the size of the pattern against the actual model before making them.

This is the forward hatch glued together and sanded down.  I haven't bothered painting it as there are more bits to be fitted later.

Here's a photo of the completed skylight. 

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

 6 hrs

Running total :

 173 hrs

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