Week 54  This week the rest of the promenade deck windows

The bits we received

One template ....

.....and some strips of wood to make .......

And what we did with them

......these assemblies.  They were a bit fiddly but not too difficult to complete.  I masked off the bottom edge before spraying the insides.

I had a slight problem here.  I had varnished the deck before I fitted these parts, and the deck had curled up slightly.  I got round this just by supergluing the assembly to the lower deck, and then gluing each upright to the deckhead and holding it in place until the glue had dried.  I had to glue three or four at a time to get them to hold the deck down.  This was quite a difficult job, but it worked OK in the end.

Here we see the remainder of the parts glued in place.  The wood is very soft, so be careful when you're sanding them down.  I used some very runny superglue and ran a little along the top edge of the wood.  This soaks in and dries hard which gives you a much harder part to work with.  Note that this only works with very thin superglue.  You'll have to get it from a specialist model shop.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

9 hrs

Running total :

192 hrs

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