Week 57  This week more metal castings

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The bollards were filed and sprayed in the same way previous castings have been prepared.  Then they were glued on the deck.  To get the correct space between the bollards and the beading I used a piece of scrap etching - one of the edges from Fred's set although you can equally use some scrap from one of Hachette's etchings.  You will get the first one in issue 64.  Place this against the beading, then glue the bollard in place butting it up against the brass.  Remove the brass before the glue sets too hard.  It was a bit fiddly, especially with the smallest ones, but not too difficult.  I marked the positions on the deck using my 'paper template' method and a needle.  You will notice that the small vent is missing - I didn't glue it in place as I though it would get in the way.  The small hatch hasn't been done yet either - Amati's piece seemed too small so I'll have to make some new ones later.

First off the beading round the poop deck was  fitted.  Nothing too difficult as long as you take it slowly.  The bollards were fitted in the same way as those on the bow.  The crane bases haven't been fitted yet as I have still got to spray the bottom half rusty red/brown.  I'll do that later when I've got some other bits to spray at the same time.

Here is one of the hatches in place.  I have used one of my etched pieces to finish the top rather than Hachette's card part.

Here is the hatch for the fore deck.  Again, I've used some of my etched parts.  It was painted white, then the portholes were touched in with black, and finally the port hole rims had the paint scraped off to reveal the brass.

Lastly the crane pedestal have been fitted.  These were sprayed white, then carefully masked so that the red/brown is the same height as that on the adjacent bulkhead.  I brush painted the red/brown with three thin coats.  I got a good finish using a good quality brush and thin coats.

The pedestals were superglued in place.


Footnote: I glued the aft crane pedestals in the wrong place.  They are too close to the bulkhead.  See the photos below

Wrong :o(


Right !!  (Ok - I admit, this isn't my model ! but it does show the correct position nicely)


This came to light when I tried fitting the cranes in place.  Thanks to Tetsuro for pointing out the correct position.  Fortunately the pedestals came off fairly easily.  I used a 1/2" (13mm) wood chisel to easy them off the deck.  I could gently push the sharp edge under the edge of the pedestal, and lever them off.  The chisel was fairly wide, so I could exert a fair amount of leverage without damaging the deck.  Success depends upon how well glued they are, and how thin you have sanded the deck, etc.  Go gently, and stop if the deck sounds like it's going to break.  I needed to touch up the red paint round the base as it chipped where the chisel was pushed underneath.

Hot tip of the week

Don't be too generous with the Super Glue.  It dissolves the car paint that I've used to spray the bollards.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

10 hrs

Running total :

222 hrs

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