Week 61  This week we get a bunch of plastic benches

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I didn't use the plastic benches as there are some nice etched ones included with Fred's etchings.  These are very fiddly though.  They need bending to shape, and then fixing with a touch of Super Glue.  Then they need painting, and finally gluing in place on the model.

Here are the benches both flat as you receive them, and then bent to shape and fixed with a tiny drop of Super Glue.  This is a tricky operation and it's a good job Fred included plenty of spare benched.  The groups of benches on the pop deck were glued together before painting.

Painting was done by sticking them to some upside down masking tape, priming them with Halfords white primer, and finally painting them with Humbrol Natural wood colour paint.  Humbrol code 110. 

The benches were glued on the model using a very thick superglue.  This sets slightly slower, giving you a few extra precious seconds to get the bench in just the right position, and also gives a better join when you've got a very small area to glue.

Here is a photo of the benches on the poop deck.  Notice that the aft most set is missing.  This will be fitted aft the 1x1mm mooring bridge supports.

The 2 benches marked in red haven't been fitted yet.  There is a hand rail to be fitted around the raised deck and I think it will be easier to fit the rail before the benches.

Here are some more of the benches.

Here is the aft most set of benches on the poop deck.  I fitted these after fitting the uprights under the docking bridge.

One last little job was to fit these two skylights.  These were completed later (week 80) as I had to wait for the etchings.  The parts were painted white, then the 'glass' areas were painted black.

Hot tip of the week

Don't use a thick paint on fine parts as it will hide the detail.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

10 hrs

Running total :

248 hrs

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