Week 63  This week we get the lifeboats

The bits we received

And what we did with them

As many of my regular viewers (readers, surfers, whatever you want to call yourselves !) will know, I have discarded the veneer in favour of some brass etched lifeboat covers that I had made.  Thanks to everybody who purchased a set.  The text below describes how I used them.

Firstly I cleaned up the mouldings, then painted the lifeboats white.  I used my favorite Halfords white primer followed by Appliance Glass White.

The etched lifeboat covers also got painted in the same manner.  The next step is to put a bend in the covers.  It's not very clear in the photos, but the top cover is flat whereas the bottom cover has been bent.  To do this, clamp the cover between two bits of wood.  I used some scrap ply, but anything that has a straight edge and won't damage the covers will do.  The centre line of the cover should be on the edge of the wood.  The take another piece of wood and gently push the exposed half of the cover over.  It's better to go slightly too far than not far enough as it is easier to straighten the covers than it is to bend them further.

Next come the eyes.  Take two eyes and bend the legs over at 90 degrees.

Insert the legs through the holes and glue in place with super glue.

The completed cover looks like this.  Now we have to glue them onto the lifeboats and do a little painting.

I painted the 'ropes' brown which is probably a bit darker than they should be, but it makes a nice contrast.  The covers are glued in place with super glue, and then the ropes are bent down.

Hot tip of the week

Patience is a virtue - especially when making models.  (Yes, I can get philosophical at times !!)

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

259 hrs

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