Week 64  This week we see the first of the etchings from Hachette

The bits we received

Oops - guess who forgot to scan the parts before removing one of the names.

And what we did with them

Some of the doors need packing where they overhang the 2nd layer planking.  I found the easiest way to do this was to use a strip of scrap veneer from the 2nd layer planking and glue it on while the doors were still attached to the fret.  It worked well and the wood was easy to cut with a very sharp knife.

The names were a bit fiddly, but went on OK.  Same goes for the hawse pipe trim.  The hole was easy to drill out using a Dremel type modelling drill.  Watch that you don't drift off line too much, and keep the angle steep so that the anchor sits in the pipe nicely.

Here's a picture of all the parts in place.  Use a match stick with a bit of Blu Tack on the end to glue the parts in place.  This works really well, but keep the Superglue away from the Blu Tack.

You'll notice that I sanded down the paint so that I got a good key for the glue to grip.  Glue doesn't stick to gloss paint very well.  Not even Superglue.

Hot tip of the week

Try to handle the frets by the edges, avoid touching the actual parts as much as possible.  The grease from your fingers can cause them to tarnish. 

Only remove pieces as you need them.

Super glue is the only way to glue them in place.  You will get a stronger glue joint if you roughen the glued surface with a piece of fine sandpaper first.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

6 hrs

Running total :

265 hrs

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