Week 68  This week we receive the winch bases, but they are saved for next week. 

The bits we received

And what we did with them

We fitted some of the tiny ladders this week.

The first job was to paint them.  It's very easy to paint them while they are still on the fret.  Mask off the other parts as you don't want to paint them yet.  You should only spray one side - leave the rear as clean metal which is better to glue to.

This is the bridge ladder.  Trim it to length with a sharp knife, pressing on a hard surface.  When it's the right size, glue it in place with Super Glue.  I used my "Blu-tac & matchstick" technique again.  See week 64 for an explanation.  Hold the ladder in the middle and apply glue only to the ends of the ladder.  This keeps the glue away from the Blu-tac, which is important as the Super Glue glues Blu-tac surprisingly well.

Here are the other two ladders.  On the one closest to you in the photo you will note that the top is a bit lower than the top of the deck house.  This is to allow for the railings that will be fitted to the top of the deck house later.  A gap of about 1mm is fine.

Note that the ladders to be fitted to thte crane bases obviously aren't fitted yet as I haven't done the crane bases yet.  I'm still working on the artwork for the etchings.

Hot tip of the week

These small items are very fiddly, but not too difficult if you take your time.  A good technique helps.  I'll try to provide that when I can.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs

Running total :

280 hrs

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