Week 69  This week we get the second installment of the winches and the anchor chain.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

First off, remove any mould marks from the winch bases with a needle file.  You should also roughen the areas where the winch drums are going to be glued in place.  Secondly, give the winch drum bases a wipe with wet'n'dry to roughen them.  This helps provide a good key for the glue.  You may also need to flatten the bottom of the  castings with a file or wet'n'dry to make sure it is flat and will sit evenly on the deck.

Now you need to glue all the drums onto the winch bases.  This is quite a fiddly task, and the drums have a habit of rolling away.  You don't get any spares, so make sure you catch all the escapees.  Use Super Glue, but use it sparingly and be careful to get all the drums on each winch in line with each other.

Painting.  First, de-grease them with thinners or a mild detergent.  I use cellulose thinners, but be careful with this as the fumes are unpleasant and it will damage any paintwork, varnish, furniture, etc. that you spill it on.  In other words, it works well, but it's nasty stuff.  You use it at your own risk.

Use the inverted masking tape technique to hold the winches down, then prime them with car spray primer, and finally paint them black.

When the paint is completely dry, glue the winches in place with Super Glue.  This photo shows the forward winches.  Note the two red ovals marking the position of winches that will be applied later.  There is a hand rail to go across the aft of of the focsle and it will be easier to fit this before fitting the winches.

Handle the winches very gently as it is quite easy to knock the drums off.

Here are another 2 of the winches.  I had to carefully remove and re-fit the benches as they were too close to the winches.

Here is the anchor chain installed.  Start by gluing the chain in place at the capstan end.  I fiddled around with the hawsepipe end, but found the best way of finishing the chain was to drill out the hole with a 1.5mm drill and drop the end of the chain down the hole.  The hawsepipe needed touching up with black paint, and then the anchor chain was glued in place along it's length and into the hole.  The 2 small covers were quite easy to fit.  They were painted at the same time as the winches.

Here's another shot of the anchor chain.  There is a small scratch in the black paint which needs touching in.

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How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

10 hrs

Running total :

290 hrs

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