Week 73  This week we get the crane pedestals and pulleys

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I've decided not to assemble the cranes until they are needed as they look rather fragile.  All I've done this week is clean all the mould lines with a needle file.

UPDATE:  I'm now up to week 88 and nearly ready to fit the cranes, so now is a good time to build them.

First I decided to fit the pulleys into the ends of the jib.  Some of the slots needed widening with a needle file to get a good fit.  I also gave the faces a gently file to roughen the surface so that the glue and paint could key.  They were glued in place with thick superglue. 

The jibs were quite easy to glue in place.  Some needed a gentle touch with a file to get a perfect fit, and then the pedestal was stood upright and the jib rested in place with the top of the jib rested against a clothes peg to support it.  This gave the right angle, and a drop of super glue was placed on the bottom to glue the jib in place.  When it was dry (I allowed about 20 mins to be on the safe side) another drop of superglue was place on the bottom to reinforce the join.

The platforms were quite straight forward to bend into shape, but too a bit of fiddling to get the curve perfect.  I didn't get them perfect, but they're fairly close.

Gluing the platform in place was easy.  Give the mounting area on the pedestal a file to make sure it's flat, and a gentle sand on the bottom of the platform allows the glue to key, then glue in place with a drop of super glue. 

Hot tip of the week

Use car spray primer to prime all the metal parts before painting them the final colour.  This helps to get a good even colour, and improves paint adhesion.  I use Halfords primers,  white for a white topcoat, grey for a black topcoat or red for a red topcoat.  Read the instructions on the can, and use in a well ventilated room. The fumes are unpleasant and hazardous.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

6 hrs

Running total :


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