Week 82  This week hand rails and crane platforms

The bits we received

And what we did with them

This fret was given a wipe with very fine wet-n-dry on both sides to give the paint a key, then it was primed and sprayed white, both sides.

The cranes are being left until they are ready to be fixed to the model, to save any change of damaging them.

I scraped the paint from the bottom of the hand rails on the inside to give me an unpainted surface to glue to.  I also scraped any paint/varnish from the edges to the deck for the same reason.  You need a hard square edge to bend the rails.  I used the back of the blade of a large pair of scissors.  It's important that whatever you use has a hard edge that is straight and square as you need to get a sharp bend in the hand rails. 

Test the rails against your model and mark the position of the bends carefully.  Then bend it carefully.  Do one bend at a time, re-checking all the time.  Hold the rail against whatever you're using and push it over with your thumb.  You should find that you will get a bend with a small radius, say of about 0.5mm.  This looks about right to me. 

You may need to trim the edge of the deck a little.  I cut the sharp corner off the decks to clear the radius of the bend in the hand rails.

When your satisfied with the fit, glue the rail in place with super glue.  Apply a few spots, enough to hold it in place.  When this is dry you can run some more super glue into the join using a needle.  This will run into any gaps and strengthen the join.

This photo shows the other side.  You will see where the paint has chipped on a couple of the bends.  These will be touched in later.

This is the little rail at the bow.  I scraped off the paint as before, then bent the rail round the handle of a paint brush.  I had to hunt about a bit to find a paint brush handle which was the right size, but found one in the end.

A list of weeks which haven't been completed yet.

56 - Trunking to fix
61 - 2 benches to fit after to railing have been fitted
63 - Haven't done anything to the lifeboats yet
67 - Handrails to fit : Done
69 - A couple of the winches still to fit
70 - Some ladders still to fit : Done
72 - Still got to fit the lifeboat davit arms to the bases
73 - Cranes to assemble
75 - Fit lookout tower and anchors
77 - Navigation lights and 2 vents to fit
80 - Four vents to fit
81 - Three vents to fit
82 - Crane platforms to fit to the cranes

Hot tip of the week

Measure twice - cut (or bend) once. 

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :


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