Week 83  This week handrails and breakwaters

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Breakwaters first.  You need to bend the small supports over carefully.  They should be even, straight, all touch the deck, and support the breakwater at just less than upright.  It took me quite a while to get them right, but it's just a case of trying it, looking along the parts, adjusting again, etc.  Be careful to make a left side and a right side.  Once they're both OK try them in place.  Don't Push them right up to the beading at the edge of the deck - you need to leave enough room for the hand rails.  I have angled mine back slightly so that they are not up against the bitts as this would look silly.

Next came these railings on deckhouse B.  Very straight forward.  Just glued in place and then reinforce the corners with a tiny drop of superglue.

The railings on deckhouse C are easy enough as well, but rail 85 hasn't been fitted yet.  It is a tiny bit too long, so I want to fit it after I've fitted the short section that will go along the forward facing deck edge.

Now I have come across a small problem.  Rails 71 & 72 are slightly too long.   I have got a cunning plan to get round this.  It is simply to cut the end off the rail and butt the corner up against the rail the goes along the front of this raised section.  However, I need the front section to be able to cut it accurately, so this part will be left until week 85.

The rails along the aft of this raise section were glued on top of the deck at the edge.  For me this was the top of the bulkhead etching.  If you used the card, then you will be gluing on top of the card.  I scraped the varnish off the top of the brass edge to the deck, and off the bottom of the hand rail.  If you have used the card parts, you will need to be more careful scraping the varnish.  It may be better to use fine wet-n-dry so you don't damage the card.  Then I super glued them in place.  Don't forget to bend the step handrails out first.  Do the two outside rails first, then you can get the middle part exactly in the middle, leaving an even gap for the steps.  When they were in place and the glue had held, I ran a bit more super glue along the join with a pin, just to make sure it was a secure join.  There isn't much surface area to glue to so it's important to get clean smooth surfaces.

Finally, railings 67 & 68 are a tiny bit long as well.  Therefore I'm holding these until I've got the section that goes along the front of this deck house.

Hot tip of the week

How to paint the hand rails.  First I give them a gentle wipe with fine wet-n-dry to give the paint a better chance of sticking, and remove any parts that are not going to be painted white (or you could mask them with masking tape.)

Then I spray them with Halfords car primer on both sides.  Let this dry 24 hours.  Next spray them with Halfords appliance white, again on both sides.  Here is a neat little trick to stop them sticking to the paper and spoiling the finish.  Support them on matchsticks as I have done in the photo above.  This raises the fret just enough to keep it clear of the paper.  Be careful to keep the matches under scrap parts of the fret otherwise they will stick to the parts.  You may need to stick the matches down with a bit of blu-tac as they tend to get blown about by the force of the spray. 

I only use one coat of primer and one coat of gloss.  The thinking is that with a thinner paint it is more likely to stay on the part when you bend it.  It is almost inevitable that you will end up with a few chips in the paint which can simply be touched in with a small brush.  The alternative is to bend them to the correct shape, then spray them.  This is OK for the rails that are bent, but I'm not sure how you would hold the straight rails.  If anybody has any suggestions let me know and I'll post them here.

Be careful handling the etched frets - those hand rails are very fine and bend very easily.

A list of weeks which haven't been completed yet.

56 - Trunking to fix
61 - 2 benches to fit after to railing have been fitted
63 - Haven't done anything to the lifeboats yet
69 - A couple of the winches still to fit
72 - Still got to fit the lifeboat davit arms to the bases
73 - Cranes to assemble
75 - Fit lookout tower and anchors
77 - Navigation lights and 2 vents to fit
80 - Four vents to fit
81 - Three vents to fit
82 - Crane platforms to fit to the cranes
83 - Rails 85, 71 & 72, 67 & 68.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :


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