Week 84  This week more hand rails

The bits we received

And what we did with them

First, prepare and paint the fret in the same way you did previous weeks

The hand rails round the stern went OK.  I did the angled rails first, the the rail across the stern, and finally the outboard rails.

The rails round the docking bridge are going to be left till much later on.  There are some very small parts (telegraph, etc.) to be fitted on the docking bridge and I want to fit these before I put the handrails in the way.

Here you can see the rails round the small deck house at the stern.  The side rails were a tad long, so I trimmed the front of the deck where it sticks out over the windbreak for the door.  This allowed the rail to come aft slightly so that the corners lined up.

We have also got some rails for the aft of the forecastle and the for'd of the poop deck.  I'm going to wait until I've got then rest of the rails for these parts before I fit these.

A list of weeks which haven't been completed yet.

56 - Trunking to fix
61 - 2 benches to fit after to railing have been fitted
63 - Haven't done anything to the lifeboats yet
69 - A couple of the winches still to fit
72 - Still got to fit the lifeboat davit arms to the bases
73 - Cranes to assemble
75 - Fit lookout tower and anchors
77 - Navigation lights and 2 vents to fit
80 - Four vents to fit
81 - Three vents to fit
82 - Crane platforms to fit to the cranes
83 - Rails 85, 71 & 72, 67 & 68.  :Rails 67 & 68 have been done
84 - Rails Rails for forecastle, poop deck & docking bridge.

Hot tip of the week

Think carefully about the rails.  It's often better to wait until you've got a full set of rails for one area before you start tackling to job.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :


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