Titanic Model Links

This is not a Scale

This series has been out in France for a while - the French are about a year ahead of us in the UK.  This is Fred's site about his experience.  A really nice helpful chap with an excellent web site.

The Titanic Research and Modeling Association

This site has got an awful lot of information and further links.  Probably the only link you'll need.

Yahoo "Build the Titanic" Group

What is says on the label.  A forum to discuss the magazine and model.  Should be a good place for lots of help.

The Rivet Counter

A very instructive Titanic modelling resource

Dan Reed and Robert Hahn's Semi-kit

If 1/250 isn't big enough, you can get a 1/144 scale 'semi kit' from here.  I.e. The Hull and a few other odd bits.  You'll have to scratch build the rest.

Fine Art Models 

A massive 1/48 scales model of the Titanic.  This site is a fabulous photographic reference site.

1/100 Scale Titanic

Jürgen Kliewe's 1:100 scale model of the Titanic.  This site is in German and English.


A German builder's site

Titanic Links

Titanic Titanic

A fantastic Titanic resource.  They also have a good forum.

Mark Kasperski's Titanic Site.  This is an excellent site.  Mark has a CD available with lots of historical data and plenty of reference pictures, video clips, etc.  A 'Must Have' for any Titanic Enthusiast or model builder.

Loni's Titanic Site

A very nice site in 3 languages.  Loni is also building the Hachette model and has posted pictures.  Take a look, it's worth visiting - click on the black & wihite picture at the top to enter the main site. (It's not obvious)


Another Titanic Resource

Other Useful Sites

RMS Titanic Fiber Optics

If you want to illuminate your model , this is the place to visit.


Model Supplies.  They sell kits, materials and tools.


My build of a steam loco

If you have a link that you would like to appear here please drop me an Email at mark@buildthetitanic.co.uk