"Build the Titanic" is a weekly magazine published by Hachette Publications.

Every week you get 2 magazines, and a few pieces to construct a 1/250 scale model of the Titanic.
The first magazine is about the Titanic, and the last page or so contains the instructions on how to assemble the bits of model that you have received.  The second magazine is about the history of sailing ships and shipping.

The bit that interests me is the model.  The kit is spread over 100 issues, and you get a few bits each week.  I've only seen the first issue so far and the quality of the parts was very good.  The ply is laser cut and very accurate.  I hope the rest of the kit retains this level of quality.

I should point out that I have no connection with Hachette Publications and that this is a personal home page.  

Hachette contacts details for the UK  Customer Services are as follows.




0870 920 1138  Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.