Week 29  This week we get the last installment of the second planking

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The preparation of the planks was exactly the same as week 26. 

Temporarily fixing the planks to the hull was the same as week 27.

I then draw round the planks as per the instructions, and took the planks, templates, and every last trace of masking tape off the hull.

The next job I did was to mark the centre of all the port holes with a sharp point.  I used the point of a compass, but a sharp dart, small nail, etc. could all be used.  Try to be as accurate as possible as you want the portholes to be in nice straight lines.  There is nothing worse than cock-eyed portholes !!!!  These marks will help you drill the portholes accurately.

Finally, all the planks were glued on the hull with superglue.  Use it sparingly, otherwise you will get superglue all over the rest of the hull which will mark it.  You may also end up with a large model of the Titanic glued to your fingers.  Joking aside, be careful with super glue - it can be quite dangerous in the wrong places.

You will see in the photo, I removed the card from the lower planks before I glued them on.  This is because I thought it would be easier, and there was less chance of superglue running between the card and veneer, and gluing it rather more permanently than I wanted.  There is no need to keep the card on these planks as there are no portholes, but number them as you peel the card off so you don't get them mixed up or the wrong way round.

The only planks to cause any difficulties were strakes H & I, and the aft most planks of strakes A and C.  This is because of the curve in the hull.  For strake C, just curl the last plank in the right direction using your fingers.  For strakes A, H & I, put the plank face down of a cork board (or some other material that will give slightly) and curve it by running a round pencil end, end of a spoon, or something similar along it to make it curve.  It will probably curl up as well, but just straighten that out with your fingers.

Hot tip of the week

Tip 1.  Remember all those portholes you marked with a point ?  Well, that has made lots of little holes in the planks.  The Superglue will come thorough those and stick to your fingers given half a chance.  You could use a barrier cream which will make you hands easier to clean afterwards, but be careful to keep your fingers away from the holes in the first place.  Alternatively, you may prefer to make the mark the portholes after you  have fixed the planks to the model.  That way is safer, but harder.

Tip 2.  Line the planks up at the bow and stern so that they are the same height on both sides of the model.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

8 hrs

Running total :

 74 h 20 mins

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